Board Members

Our current Project Maria Board is comprised of Lisa, Sabrina, and Shauna.  If you are interested in serving on our Board, please contact us via Facebook or our email.

Lisa:  She had the privilege of teaching Maria when she was a high school student.  Lisa became involved in the organization when Maria passed, as a way to aid others who suffer from eating disorders.  Lisa serves as the organization’s secretary, updates our social media, and helps plan various events.

Sabrina: She began working with the organization in 2017, as she has a passion for helping others recover from eating disorders.  Sabrina mediates the Caregiver Support Group.  She also helps with community outreach and event planning.

Shauna: She is one of the co-founders of the organization.  As one of Maria’s teachers and friends, she wanted to see Maria’s memory associated with a positive cause.  Shauna retains the financial records for the organization, plans events, and does various other odds-and-ends.