We’re glad you’re curious about volunteering wit us! Please read the descriptions below and contact us at: projectmariarockcounty@gmail.com.  In your email, please let us know how you envision yourself volunteering.

We’re specifically looking for folks to aid us in the following ways:

  1. Advocacy: do research and post on social media encouraging folks to champion mental health causes both locally and nationally
  2. Health professionals: reaching out to offer resources, share what’s available locally and connect folks with upcoming workshops/development 
  3. Fundraising: coordinate where money comes from (would work closely with Shauna to talk about budgeting needs and plan how we’d be meeting those needs)
  4. Families: connecting folks with resources in our area
  5. Facilities connections: care cards, kindness rocks, body positive bookmarks, etc.
  6. Recovered: stories of hope or connection; facilitate folks sharing their stories with us
  7. Communication: social media and website management; manage outreach coordination 
  8. Community connection: staff booths for health fairs, community events, etc.